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Our Aims

There are several points in a teachers career when pre-prepared "ready to teach" lessons would be very useful. This could be during an NQT year when the workload is getting on top of you, when a colleague is away from school and specific lessons are required at short notice or if a department is under staffed and needs a complete set of plans for a given year. Whatever the reason it is our aim to provide lesson plans that are ready to use "out of the box".










All our lesson plans have be used in a classroom environment before they are allowed anywhere near our website. This is one reason we are bringing the site online gradually as we know you need to be able to rely on any lesson plan you decide to use.

In an ideal world we would like it to be possible for anyone to use one of our plans with a minimum amount of subject knowledge. This would allow supply or stand-in teachers from different subject backgrounds to teach classes more effectively.

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