Lesson Plan Pricing

An increasing number of internet sites offer lesson plans of varying quality, many of them for free. If you spend a little time looking at the plans offered by some of these sites you will see that they either leave a large amount of work for the user to complete before the plan can be used or they link the user to another site where the quality is not guaranteed by the owner of the primary site.

Our lesson plans have been thoroughly prepared and have be used in the classroom. Verifying every lesson plan for key stages 3, 4 and 5 has taken a considerable amount of time and effort but we believe the results are well worth it. As we would like to extend the site's offerings to cover other subjects we have made the decision to charge a reasonable fee for the high quality lesson plans available through our site.


We believe the charge we make for our plans represents a good investment and will allow us to expand our site to include more subjects shortly.

We understand that you may wish to purchase a single lesson plan, a term's plans for a given year-group or a whole year's plans for an entire key-stage. For this reason we will be offering several lesson plan combinations ranging from single plans to complete lesson plan packages.

School Year
Price (GBP)
Single lesson plan for Key Stage 3/4
7 to 11
Any 5 lesson plans for a single year
7 to 11
Any 10 lesson plans for a single year
7 to 11
Full set of plans for a single year
7 to 11
Set of secondary school lesson plans
7 to 11
Single lesson plan for Key Stage 5
12 to 13
Full set of lower sixth form plans
Full set of upper sixth form plans
Lesson plan mix made to meet your needs
Upon request


Tuition Pricing

If you are looking for History Tuition then Virtual-Teacher has 2 different solutions available. We support on-line web based tuition for single or multiple students using audio-visual resources delivered by one of our professional teaching staff. If you live in the South Cambridgeshire area then we also support 1-to-1 tuition in your own home with a professional teachers. Whether on-line or in person, all our teaching staff have passed CRB checks and are experienced teachers.

Web based one to one tuition
Web based tuition to a group of students (minimum of 2, maximum of 4 students)
£15/hour per student
Home visit to a student

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