Email, Viruses and Data Security

The Facts of Internet Life

It has always been true that if someone creates something really useful then someone else will try and abuse or break it and the Internet is no exception. As anyone with access to a computer and email will know, the risk from viruses, spam and malicious email has become an ever present part of everyday life.

At Virtual-Teacher we understand the importance of virus protection and all outgoing mail from Virtual-Teacher is passed through anti-virus software prior to transmission. However this in itself cannot stop some of the internet's abusers causing trouble through use of techniques such as "spoofing".

The act of "spoofing", or forging someone else's email address and trying to make emails appear to be sent from them, is a hazard for anyone with an email address. To date there is no real protection against "spoofing" other than to outline the Virtual-Teacher policy and make you able to identify a "spoofed" mail when it arrives.



Our Email Policy

In any email sent by Virtual-Teacher we will ALWAYS follow these simple rules:

  • We NEVER send email attachments other than PDF format lesson plans which you must request before we send them.
  • If you receive an email with an attachment, other than a PDF file you have requested, we did not send it so DO NOT OPEN IT !!
  • We ALWAYS pass our emails through a fully up to date virus checker just in case.
  • All our email addresses end in "" and nothing else.

Technical Details

For anyone interested in more technical details of mail spoofing Symantec have a good Q&A section which can be reached from the link below:

Symantec's Spoofing Q&A

Symantec also provide an excellent source of general virus information and protection tools.


In Summary

If you encounter any email which you believe is suspicious, please don't open it.    
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